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7 Unique Things to do with leftover Halloween Candy

Extra Halloween candy? You don’t want to just toss it out, but you also don’t want your kids (or yourself) to just binge eat it for a week. So, what to do? Here’s some ideas!

1. Donate to a Shelter or Food Bank: Consider donating your excess candy to a local shelter or food bank. Many organizations accept candy donations to distribute to those in need, especially during the holiday season.

2. Create a Candy Art Project: Use the candy to create colorful and edible art projects. You can make candy mosaics, sculptures, or even a candy gingerbread house. Get creative and let your imagination run wild.

3. Bake or Cook with Candy: Incorporate your leftover candy into various recipes. For example, you can chop up chocolate bars and use them as toppings for ice cream, make candy bar brownies, or add candy pieces to cookies or cakes. It's a delicious way to enjoy your candy in a new form.

This cute little cookbook for children turns crafts into edible snacks! You can create some of these while incorporating candy pieces of flavors throughout the recipes! So Adorable!

4. Make a Candy Advent Calendar: If you have an abundance of individually wrapped candies, you can create an advent calendar for the upcoming holiday season. Place a piece of candy behind each numbered door, and it's a sweet way to count down to Christmas.

If you celebrate Christmas, a great idea is to get an empty calendar (such as below) and fill its with their candy. When December comes, they can open a piece a day!

5. Candy Science Experiments: Use the candy for educational and fun science experiments. You can dissolve candies in different liquids to observe how they react, create a candy chromatography experiment, or even build a candy volcano.

This is an adorable “First” Science Kit” on Amazon. You can use this kit and incorporate some of your food or candy into it. #Paidlinks

6. Organize a Candy Swap: Invite friends or family members to bring their own leftover Halloween candy and host a candy swap. This way, everyone can exchange candies they prefer, and it's a great way to trade for candies you like more.

7. Candy Pretend Play: Create a cute little candy shop, and pretend play in the store with your child.

Remember to store the leftover candy properly to keep it fresh and safe to consume. You can also freeze certain types of candy if you want to save them for later use in recipes.


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